linuxCustomizer's tokens helps bridge the gap between users and rewards. With tokens, awarded by performing several tasks at the site, users can gain more over others when doing the following:

  • Jumping Queues.
  • Best of all, Image Building Discount (For Free).
  • Bidding for Feature Jobs. (Coming Soon)

Jumping Queues

In order to make a successful jump at the building queue, the user in question must have at least 100 tokens and the specified amount.

Image Building Discount (For Free)

linuxCustomizer gives you the freedom to build your ('Build Configuration') for free, provided the following requirements are met.

  • Free Building Period - This is the period since the user in question last built a free image and the current time. The period has a duration of 15 days.
  • Enough Tokens Available - This is a simple requirement that requires the user to have enough tokens (50 tokens) in order to build their build configuration for free. The user in question can get tokens all over the site simply by operating and navigating around the website.

Build configurations requested using tokens as payments, gets processed at the hour of the day - 23hrs (UTC). If your build configurations fails to process at this hour, it will be queued until the next day at the same hour of the day.

Learn More About Free Image Building Restrictions

Bidding for Feature Jobs

Coming soon