Other Services

The following ("Extra Services") further helps you manage your ("Build Configuration"). All these extra services are charged and you can always enable or disable them anytime by modifying your ("Build Configuration") respectively.

Long-Term Storage

The ("Long-Term Storage") service keeps your ("Final Image") after being built longer than a day. It's charged on a monthly basis and if enabled the ("Final Image") remains available for other users to use and download.

("Long-Term Storage") is charged at $0.95/mo. On deactivation, the image will be deleted automatically and the owner will be notified.

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Private Access

With ("Private Access") enabled, no user except the owner of the ("Build Configuration") can view its page. This service simply restricts anyone else but the owner to view, operate and manage their ("Build Configuration") independently.

Charged at $0.4/mo, ("Private Access") gets activated immediately. When deactivated, if the image was built, the ("Build Configuration") will be available at the Marketplace. Users will be able to see the page, comments and screenshots but won't be able to see the settings like packages installed, script used and features added.

N/B: Enabling this service also keeps the ("Build Configuration") from being displayed at the Marketplace

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Distribution Release

The ("Build Configuration") release cycle.

("Distribution Release") being the best service linuxCustomizer has to offer, enables your ("Build Configuration") to be automatically built after the ("Build Configuration")'s cycle has been completed. When rebuilding the image, all apps that were installed gets updated.

For the convenience of the user, linuxCustomizer provides several cycles that you can choose from. They include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

("Distribution Release") is charged at a discount of the same price as the amount used to develop the ("Final Image"). Depending on the cycle you choose, you can get a maximum discount of upto 20% off.