Image Development

Base Image

We use a ("Base Image") together with a ("Build Configuration") to build the ("Final Image"). Base images on our site are mostly from popular linux ubuntu based distributions. No modifications have been made on the ("Base Image") prior to the building process.

Build Configuration

Together with a ("Base Image"), a ("Build Configuration") is used to generate the ("Final Image"). A ("Build Configuration"), created by a linuxCustomizer user, instructs our image builder based on the user's preference. A ("Build Configuration") can also be used along with features to further extensively modify the ("Final Image").

Developing a build configuration to an iso image is charged at an affordable rate based on the base image selected, packages/softwares modified, features modified, custom script runtime execution and extra services selected.

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Final Image (*.iso)

Once the ("Base Image") and the ("Build Configuration") is sent to the queue, our image builder will pick it up and start building an iso image.

Finally, once the image building is complete, the iso image link would appear on your ("Build Configuration") page... also an email will be sent to your registered mail notifying you about the completion.

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