Build Configuration Trading

Build Configurations

A Build Configuration is an entity created and configured by a user at linuxCustomizer in order to build a new customized and personalized linux iso image. Build Configurations are completely transferable to other users at linuxCustomizer for free or exchanged for money.

Creating a Build Configuration is completely free of charge. To create one, follow the steps below.
  • Signing Up - if not a registered user.
  • Going To Create Builds Page & creating your Build Configuration - You'll find the supported flavours.
  • Once created, your Build Configuration will be listed under your Management Page. From which you can manage your Build Configuration appropriately.

Building Linux Image

Once you've reached to this point (created your Build Configuration), go on your Build Configuration page and click Build Image (Charges Apply).

Learn More About Image Development


After you've built your image and it was a success, you'll be sent an email with the link to your .iso image and also on your Build Configuration page, the same link will be provided.

From this point, you'll have 6hrs to decide whether you sell your Build Configuration or share it for free (to inspire others with your linux experience and ideas) with the other users at linuxCustomizer. After the time has lapsed, your Build Configuration would be available for the world to see at the Marketplace Page and also at your Marketplace Shop.


Other users who might be interested in your Build Configuration will find it based on its views popularity, star ratings and copies made. Anyone can also comment and (or) report any malicious activity they've found on your Build Configuration.