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Easily customize, personalize & build your custom Ubuntu based linux OS for FREE!. We'll be there with you every step of the way.

Welcome to linuxCustomizer.

Build configurations provided by linuxCustomizer are all that stands between your basic/stock and your dream linux operating system image.

At linuxCustomizer, we've made build configurations flexible enough for you to create, customize, personalize, trade, copy (fork) and share. Once an image is successfully built, the build configuration will be available at our marketplace (if private access is disabled) for others to see, buy (or) copy and share.

It's the little things that matter!

At linuxCustomizer, we've managed to make Build Configurations easily customizable either from a lower customizing capacity (via a script) or a higher customizing capacity (via Build Features)...

So, regardless of your experience with linux operating systems, we're confident you'll be able to meet your personalization goals! Otherwise you can learn more on how to make other changes by reading our articles.

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